Androctonus Bicolor venom supplier

Black fat tailed scorpion venom

(Ehrenberg, 1828)
WHO accredited
Laboratory certificate

Androctonus Bicolor venom supplier l Black fat tailed Scorpion Venom l Black scorpion poison

Androctonus Bicolor venom supplier

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Egyptian Androctonus Bicolor Scorpion l Black fat tailed scorpion Discription & Facts

Scientific classification for Androctonus Bicolor Scorpion

Kingdom:  Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Subphylum: Chelicerata

Class: Arachnida

Subclass: Dromopoda

Order: Scorpiones

Family: Buthidae

Genus: Androctonus

Species:  A. bicolor

Binomial name : Androctonus bicolor (Ehrenberg, 1828)


Androctonus Bicolor venom supplier

Whats is the fat tail scorpion scientific name l Androctonus Bicolor common name?

its the Fattail scorpion / thick-tailed scorpion / Black fat tailed Scorpions nickname is “man killer” or “man-killer”.

It is a scorpion species, derived from the Buthidae family which is the largest scorpion’s family. Its color is black and its maximum length is 9 cm.

Gender recognized: the Androctonus Bicolor sex can be known by its teeth’ number, starting from the early ages of growing,

According to authoritative sources, the number of males’ teeth is between 26:28, but in females between 20-24.

It has a very hefty physique, and it moves very fast, with aggressive nature, Black fat tailed scorpions average age almost is 5 years.

Black fat tailed scorpions are nocturnal, thus they hide during the day in crevices.

Androctonus is widespread in Africa especially in Egypt, It is found in arid or semi-arid or as well as desert areas.

Black fat tailed Scorpions has eight legs so it’s classified as arachnids, these Scorpions Preys on lizards, insects, spiders, mice or even other scorpions, but it could fasting months without food.

By Black fat tailed Scorpions’ pincers, it preys and crushed, while it used their telsons to inject their prey by its black fat tailed scorpion venom or the Black scorpion poison.

Molecular weight of The Androctonus Bicolor scorpion Venom – Black fat tailed scorpion Venom

Androctonus Bicolor scorpion venom (Black scorpion poison) contains LD50 values is 0.31 : 1.21 mg/kg.

Androctonus bicolor venom contains 7.4 ± 0.1 total protein contents (mg/ml)

Focus on Androctonus Bicolor scorpion Venom l Black fat tailed scorpion Venom l Black scorpion poison

Black fat tailed scorpion Venom or Black fat tailed scorpion Venom is neurotoxic Venom, which is fast-acting and it absorbed very quickly, due to the small molecular weight of this Androctonus Bicolor scorpion Venom’s proteins (Black fat tailed scorpion Venom), these neurotoxins work on the nervous system.

Thus, it causes paralysis in the nervous system that is responsible for respiration, which causes respiratory failure then death.

The Scorpion Androctonus Bicolor Venom (Black fat tailed scorpion Venom) exhibits cytotoxicity and stops the cell cycle to hold and death in colorectal, and breast cancer cell lines.

The Androctonus Bicolor scorpion Venom that can be extracted from thick-tailed Scorpion is named “Kurtoxin”.

Searching the internet we saw several medicinal supplier companies that sell Kurtoxin for scientific medical research, and clearly it’s the only scorpion species worldwide that could produce it.

The Androctonus Bicolor scorpion venom influence the gates of voltage-gated calcium channels and as well as sodium channels.

the bite of Androctonus Bicolor scorpion, causes a sharp and constant hypomagnesaemia with accompanied hyperkalemia, hypercalcaemia, and hypernatremia in mice.

This Black fat tailed scorpion can do a voice by rubbing its telson with its coarse back!

its name by “stridulation” Black fat tailed scorpion usually used as a cautioning voice, such as the rattle of the rattlesnake’s tail. Creepy!

The results of the above latter have been described that a single injection under the skin of Black scorpion poison (200 μg/kg) in Mice leads to some big rise in the serum concentrations of calcium, potassium, and sodium components, While they have been measured a big reduction in the serum concentrations of chloride and magnesium electrolytes.

Click For more info about “Effect of Androctonus bicolor scorpion venom on the activities of serum enzymes in rats”

Black Fat Tailed Scorpion Venom – Androctonus Bicolor Scorpion Venom commercial details

Origin: Egypt.

Purity: 99:100%

Form: Lyophilized powder

Packaging: In a vacuum sealed glass vials, in secured parcel.

MOQ: 2 grams

Samples: paid

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