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    Venoms Bank is an Egyptian scorpion venom Supplier l snake venom supplier that belongs to Egyptian International Center for export (EIC) which specialist in many sectors including Egyptian Scorpion venom l snake venom supplier.

    We offer animal venom online at the best price worldwide.

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    Venoms are generally known by their negative influences and the causing health problems for humans;

    In fact, venoms contain a set of toxins that can occasion neurotoxicity, cytotoxicity, respiratory arrest, allergic reactions, hemorrhage, nephrotoxicity, disseminated intravascular coagulation, and dermatitis.

    although their negative effects, these venoms are affluent pharmacologically active compounds’ source.

    Some venomous arthropods like snakes, scorpion, bees, ants, spiders, wasps, and caterpillars producing a pharmacologically active molecule, which has an anti-cancer activity venom on breast cell lines and colorectal cancer.


    Welcome to the Venoms Bank Company which is the oldest Egyptian scorpion venom supplier, and Egyptian venom snake supplier,
    We are one of the big family business, our family backs to over 200 years ago.
    here are some of the local Egyptian organizations we supply:

    -Department of Toxicology and Forensic Medicine Pharmacy                            -Department of Toxicology and Medicines, Faculty of

    -Department of Zoology                                                                                                     -Biochemistry Department

    -Cosmetics manufacturing                                                                                                -Pharmaceutical manufactories

    -Anti-venom manufactories