FAQ Venoms Bank

Answer: these are few of our Egyptian clients: • Department of Toxicology and Forensic Medicine • Toxicology and Drugs Department, Faculty of Pharmacy • Department of Zoology • Department of Biochemistry
Answer: yes, all of our tasks of our scorpion’s providers for catching wild animals are subjected to local administrative organizations.
Answer: Samples can provide with charge (venom, freight charge) and can be deducted from upcoming orders
Answer: we extract samples from the scorpions itself; with the same quality of the production transforming.Then we make a pureness operation.
Answer: shipment is usually carried out by courier such as FedEx, EMS, TNT, DHL and UPS. It takes between 7 and 10 days to arrive.
Answer: its lyophilized scorpion venoms that are mobilized into a sealed glass vials.
Answer: it is stored at −20°C until use – with 2 years shelf life
Answer: 100% advance payment by T/T, Large order by LC at sight issued from A class bank
Answer: we present a full accommodation hotel to our clients for 3 days in order to visit us to know more and whole secrets steps about the scorpion and other animals, to establish a long relationship and deal face to face.
Answer: our venoms only have active proteins not broken proteins, with analysis by ANDI healthcare innovation laboratory for development which is accredited laboratory by WHO – Egypt branch (World Health Organization).