New hope for Brain Tumor Cancer patients (glioma)

Can scorpion venom be used as medicine?

Prevent signals from cancer cells by Chlorotoxin

in the natural, animals use their venom to catch prey or as self-defense, recently, researchers have had success, to use scorpion venom in humans to treat cancer brain tumors, instead, cause damage to the hygienic nerve and muscle cells, venom from Deathstalker scorpion (chlorotoxin) can be used to prevent signals from cancer cells.

Chlorotoxin means new life for brain tumor’s patients (glioma)

On Sep 29, 2014, the FDA gave its permission to inject 21 patients of brain cancer with a compound made from the venom of Egyptian Deathstalker scorpion to detect cancer, by the allowance, for Tumor Paint surgeons to targeting the cancerous tissue through surgery because it becomes fluorescent so it will be visible under laser light.

Scorpion venom is widely used in nerve molecules. It can strengths molecular immunity and the molecular evolution. Also, it supports the structure and function of protein.
Scorpion venom helps to prevent and treat thrombosis. It can treat coronary heart disease and myocardial infarct.
Scorpion venom can smooth the blood vessels and prevent formation of the inner wall and fixtures of the blood vessels. It also can be used to treat arteriosclerosis and senile dementia.
Scorpion venom peptide contains anti-cancer elements that contribute to the elimination of cancer cells.
Scorpion venom may work as a pain killer in the future. Researchers has discovered the existence of a painkilling chemical in the scorpion venom that can manage special kinds of pain. They examined it to define its side effects and used it with caution to avoid the bad side effects of addicting to the new painkiller drugs.
The venom of Egyptian Deathstalker scorpion (Leiurus Quinquestriatus Quinquestriatus) may help to produce anti-venom immunoglobulin’s that needed in the countries of Northern African and Middle-East.

What does a cancer researcher do by Egyptian Deathstalker scorpion venom?

Dr. Jim Olson et all, from the hospital of Seattle Children, have invented a treatment for brain tumor cancer using scorpion venom. They called it “Tumor Paint”. Dr. Olson stated that, “over millions of years, scorpions have been developed to produce a drug that can enter into brain, determine and numb the cancer cells”. Olson also declared that “Toxins of scorpion has the ability to help surgeons to define the cancer cells.”

Fred Hutchinson Cancer research Center has used the venom-based solution under Project Violet –started in August 2013 – to discover a treatment for cancer. In this project, Scientists used “optimized peptides” that derived from the small proteins of plants and animals. They added the venom of an Egyptian Deathstalker scorpion to fluorescent molecule in surgery to invent a modern technology enables them to distinguish between healthy cells and cancer cells.

Scorpion Venom of Egyptian Deathstalker scorpion flows into the blood-brain barrier fast, while the other molecules flow slowly. The pre- clinical trialson animals proved that Tumor Paint can determine the cancerous cells in brain, breasts, skin as well as colon. So, it is expected to use brain tumor (glioma) in the treatment trials of human.

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Summary of the results of scientific researches

The factor of Cobra venom with Ketoprofen can eliminate the antitumor effect of nerve growth factor from Snake cobra venom. So we should go deeper into the study of nerve growth factor (NGF) that extracted from Snake cobra venom which can prevent the disease of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC).
Impacts of scorpion venom heat resistant protein (SVHRP) The heat resistant protein of scorpion venom has the ability to reduce hippocampal neurons’ excitability as it can affect the sodium channels.
Stimulation of of ADF/cofilin that come between netrin-1 and growth cone turning toward nerve growth factor. The correct circuit of nerves needs the response of cones of growth and tips of motile to cues of molecular guidance that existed in the evolving organism. We used two attractive guidance cues in our treatment trials. They are the nerve growth factor and netrin-1. They help in the activation of AC and support actin polymerization and the following growth cone that tends to the part of the higher AC activity.
Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) in vivo The growth factor derived from platelet is a strong mitogen for cells of the cultured connective tissue. It is centered in alpha-granules of platelet. If it is released in site of vascular degranulation when injured it may be increased. As it is cleared from the circulation quickly if located in any site else
Venom heat resistant peptide Chinese people used the scorpion venom as a medical treatment for the diseases of nervous system including epilepsy, apoplexy pains and facial paralysis.
The growth of nerve fibers in the Postpartum stage for the rabbit’s pyramidal tract. A study of the nerve fibers growth in comparison with the functional properties development, such as the physiological data in the postpartum stage has concluded that nerve fibers can stimulate the myelination and reduce the time of response.
Snake venoms contain acid and alkaline phosphomonoesterase. It may be used to produce these enzymes.
A tumor is an abnormal growth of some tissues in body. It is divided into two kinds which are cancerous tumor (malignant) or noncancerous tumor (benign). Scorpion stings are not fatal, but they can cause some complications for young children and the elderly.