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(Wüster & Broadley, 2003)

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Naja Nubiae venom Supplier l Nubian Spitting venom Supplier l snake spitting venom Supplier

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Egyptian Naja Nubiae Cobra l Nubian Spitting Cobra Discription & Facts

Scientific classification

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Squamata

Suborder: Serpentes

Family: Elapidae

Genus:  Naja

Species:  N. nubiae

Binomial name: Naja nubiae

Egyptian Naja Nubiae Cobra: its common name Nubian spitting cobra snake and it belongs to the family of Elapidae, its species of spitting cobra or snake spitting species that native to Africa, EGYPT.

The Nubian spitting cobra snake is a relatively small, its Maximum length of 148 cm.

Colour: Brownish-grey, Nubian spitting cobra snake scale bases, and its skin almost scale black abdomen a little lighter.

Nubia spitting Cobra: origin Egypt

The Spitting process of Snake spitting venom

The Egyptian snake spitting, in general, is harmless on the skin of mammalian though contact could lead to a good result in late of area’s blistering, but can a reason for permanent blindness if it touches eyes; that happened if it left without treated, also it may corneal swelling and cause chemosis.

The Egyptian snake spitting sprays out in a distinctive geometric style when Spitting cobra snakes’ muscles squeeze its glands to squirt the venom out via forward to a facing hole near the fangs’ tips.

some species of spitting cobras snake make hissing exhalations-lunging move of their heads while squirting from snakes’ tongue, these such actions help to push the venom, but the researches don’t prop the assumption that they play any of the major workable parts unless perhaps, boosting the threatening of the impact behavior.

Some species of spitting cobra species spit their venom for 2 mt (6.6 feet).

However, the spitting typically is their main form for defense; all spitting cobras could deliver its venom by biting their prey.

Most species of spitting cobra snake is significantly Cytotoxic, an apart of the cardiotoxic and neurotoxic influences the ideal of other species of cobra.

Naja Nubiae venom l Egyptian Nubian Spitting venom features

The spitting cobra snake is described by the Cytotoxic type of envenomation which has swelling at the bite location with bruising and blistering that could be driven to necrosis.

The richness of cytotoxic PLA2s and Cytotoxins in the spitting cobra venom is proposed to be the master agent responsible for these clinical properties.

The spitting cobra venom of the lately described, snake spitting cobra or Naja Nubiae Snake, is actually unique as it shows both neurotoxic and cytotoxic features.

The preclinical test of Cytotoxicity in the event of Naja Nubiae Cobra cytotoxic deserved the awareness since the local tissue harm is a major result.

Study about The Nubein6.8 peptide’s Cytotoxicity that extracted from the Naja Nubiae venom on ovarian carcinoma and melanoma cell lines

This study was resulted to test the cytotoxic influence of Nubein6.8 extracted from the Naja Nubiae venom or Spitting Cobra Naja Nubiae venom on ovarian carcinoma and Melanoma (A375) cell lines to discover its method of work.

The Nubein6.8’s size (6801.8 Da) and its N-terminal sequencing that identical to the purified Cytotoxins from the other snake spitting venom species.

Nubein6.8 showed an important cytotoxic’s impact on the  cell line of A375 and mild impact on A2780.

A clonogenic assay displayed that the Nubein6.8 has significant potency in the long-term for the cell survival of A375  comparing with A2780 cell.

the signaling pathways of The molecular intracellular of the Nubein 6.8 that have been inspected by using the analysis of Western blotting, microscale, and flow cytometry protein labeling.

This info showed that Nubein6.8 has damaging impacts of DNA and the activate power of apoptosis in both tumor lines of the cell.

The recordings of Cellular uptake showed that the Nubein 6.8 intracellularly existed in cells of A375, while the cell of A2780 shown impedance against it.

SEM checking displayed that Nubein6.8 was lead to have high access to the cells of malignant melanoma.

The apoptotic impact of the Nubein6.8 has been certain by the examination of TEM that showed many clear features for the Nubein6.8 apoptotic efficiency on cell sections of A375 .

Also, the TEM reflected a lot of resistance features that faced Nubein 6.8 gain via the cell sections of ovarian carcinoma.

So, the Naja Nubiae venom peptide of Nubein 6.8 is a good promising form for improving the prospect Cytotoxic tools that targeting an ovarian carcinoma and human melanoma.

For Spitting Cobra venom LD50 value details

Naja Nubiae venom l Nubian Spitting venom content for research purposes:

PIII-SVMPs  “Snake Venom Metalloproteinases PIII”  2.6%

3FTx  “three-finger toxins” 70.9%

PLA2  “Phospholipases A2”  26.4%

Naja Nubiae venom Supplier l  Nubian Spitting venom Supplier l snake spitting venom Supplier Commercial details 

Origin: Egypt.

Purity: 99:100%

Form: Lyophilized powder

Packaging: In vacuum-sealed glass vials, in a secured parcel.

MOQ: 2 grams

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