Scorpion milking

Scorpion milking

We are an Egyptian Scorpion milking Supplier, and we are involving in the hunting, breeding, milking, etc.

The Egyptian Scorpions have many species such as:

  The black scorpion (Androctonuscrassicauda), which is the most dangerous.

  The yellow Scorpion Deathstalker Leiurus quinquestriatus.

  Buthus occitanus tunetanus are cause for the large most of stings.

recently, natural venoms appeared in the possibility of creating a new medicine thereof. Researchers discovered that natural venoms contain nearly five million compounds that are still under study which may enter the production of new innovations of a drug.

The researchers’ study concluded that bioactive compounds discovered in the Quinquestriatus toxins can be used to treat many diseases such as cancer, depression, and Malaria. as it may be used to make painkillers.

Therefore, the need for milking scorpions appeared, which is very difficult, not easy, very expensive.

So, we will focus deeply on the Scorpion milking venom of Deathstalker Scorpion.


Scorpion milking

Using of scorpion venom to fight cancer is a magic cure :

The Egyptian Leiurus venom contains 36 species of bioactive proteins, peptides and other elements. Many of these Elements are benefit in the physiological and pharmacological researches.

Egyptian Leiurus Venom is rich in most protein varieties derived from other Scorpions all over the world.

Therefore, the researchers’ demand for venom from different species of scorpions increased.

Scorpion venom is a mix of many biochemically active components.

Scorpion venom has been used in Asia and Africa for the treatment of some diseases for many years.  They produce antivenom to treatment a Scorpion stings. They found that venom contains anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, analgesic, anticancer, hemolytic and antimicrobial characteristics. In China, researchers used dried bodies of Scorpion as analgesic and anti-epilepsy drugs.

Scorpion milking2

Scorpion feeding

Mealworm is the most useful food for obtaining a high-quality scorpion Venom as Mealworm is rich in proteins, enzymes and amino acids that are useful for Scorpion. Due to the weakness of Mealworm, Scorpion does not consume their poison when devouring it.

Scorpion Venom

scorpion milking - Meal-worm

How to extract venom from scorpions?

There are many methods to extract scorpion venom such as manual extract, electrical milking stimulation and maceration. The method of milking is the most useful technique as it enables scientists to obtain a high-quality and clean venom that can be used to produce anti-venom with a specific neutralizing antibody.

Currently, researchers made a comparison between scorpion venom samples obtained by the methods of manual and electrical stimulation to determine the most useful method for milking in relation to protein content, biochemical properties and lethality.

Every month, scientists extract venom from scorpions and record the amount. They discovered that venom productivity increase in the higher temper and related to heat and cold weather.
During the winter, venom was low productivity as compared to the hot weather of the year; when venom milking and the activity of scorpions both rose up.

Scorpion milking5

 Techniques of Egyptian Leiurus Scorpion milking:

The manual method to obtain Venom

In this method, scientists milk Scorpion venoms manually by stimulating the abdomen to release venom.

The electrical method to obtain Venom

In this method, scientists milk Scorpion venoms electrically by shocking the scorpion by a series of regular currents to eject the venom.In this process the whole tail of scorpion was putted in saline solution and shocked by electrode of 12-volt battery. After the milking of venom, it was lyophilized until use.

After milking by both 2 methods they pool the venom of the Scorpion, lyophilize and stock it at -20°C.

Scorpion milking6

Figure (A) manual method and (B) electrical methods for milking the scorpion venom.

 Indispensable information about scorpions and their venoms

In fact, the scorpions are poisonous. Although the scorpion venom is the main reason of fear from them and may cause death, it contains magical treatment components.
The most dangerous scorpion in the world is the Egyptian Scorpion Leiurus. The Scorpions venom price is the most expensive liquid. Its price reached $39 million per gallon, which is not only lethal but also it is profitable and useful.
Yes, In Cuba, the pharmaceutical manufacturers Labiofam produced the drug of Vidatox from scorpion venom for the treatment of cancer. In 2013, Labiofam announced that it had tested Vidatoxon more than 10,000 patients, Vidatox is very positive in cancer-fighting “Labiofamsay”
An article in the New Times stated that “Vidatox is registered for sale in few countries that have registered it for sales such as Albania and China. Also, the product has been sold in the black market all over the world. New time’s article announced that the venom products have been used for more than 55,000 over the past two decades.
We can obtain 0.006 mg to about 2.0 m/grams of venom from one scorpion by electrical milking. The average amount is less than 0.5 m/grams.
Stings of scorpion may cause pain but few of them may threat life. The risk of serious complications threats only young children and older adults. Symptoms of scorpion venom in children include: • Breath difficulty • Twitching of muscle or thrashing • Unusual movements of head, neck and eye • Drooling • Sweating • Vomiting and Nausea • High blood pressure
Venoms Bank provides an online service to sell the quality sale Scorpion venoms of our company to our valuable clients, which applies a strong safety protocol from the Andi healthcare innovation laboratory for development. This laboratory is accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) – the branch of Egypt.

Scipion milking - eating

The eating of scorpions may not sound good to the people, but actually they are very delicious when it cooked correctly. It is recommended to be cooked first and it also could be eaten as a raw. It is fundamental to remove the venom glands and stinger if you would like to eat raw, however. but if Scorpion is cooked well, the venom breaks when heated. for example, In China, legend tells about certain medical benefits for eating raw scorpions to a survival situation. ingredients for raw scorpion as a food: beef almost has a 20% of protein, but scorpions can pack as much as 80%. Calories – seems like an issue for weight observers, but in existence, case calories counted. The Savor: when stewed, it seems like the crispy hen skin, prawn, popcorn, and even crab. but when raw scorpion, it doesn’t taste.