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(Lataste, 1887)

Walterinnesia Aegyptia venom supplier l Black Desert venom supplier l Desert black venom supplier

Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia venom supplier

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Black Desert Cobra l Walterinnesia Aegyptia snake l Desert black snake l black cobra facts & description

 Scientific classification

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Squamata

Suborder: Serpentes

Family:  Elapidae

Genus:  Walterinnesia

Lataste, 1887

Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia snake is one of the genus venomous snakes that belong to the Elapidae’s family.

This genus includes 2 species, commonly named by black cobra, Black Desert Cobra or Desert Black snake, their main habitat is the Middle East, (Egypt).


The general name of Walterinnesia is back to Walter Francis Innes Bey, in which he was working in Egypt during 1858 – 1937 as a physician and zoologist.

Physical description of black cobra

Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia snake has a medium length, a cylindrical body with a short tail.

its length average is 50 cm, however, it’s lengths could be 180 cm.

The Egyptian black cobra’s head is small on average, wide, flattened and a little distinct from its neck. Its snout is wide, with a sharp-edged, rostral distinguished canthus.

Their eyes have a small size, its pupils are round, unlike other cobra’s snakes, black cobra, the black desert cobra or Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia snake produces a hood for defense.

Behavior and feed for Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia snake

They are active nocturnal, they’ll commonly bite their victims within a short distance and they often use the techniques of constriction and suffocation also Egyptian Black Desert Cobra uses its snake venom to kill their victim.

There are some reports of Egyptian Black Desert Cobra shows that it’s attacker when molested, but it looks like most snakes types, they will attempt to escape instead of bite or even face their threats, the Egyptian Black Desert Cobra is not injected instantly when they bite their prey but later with the chewing movement, these species mainly feed on lizards like agamid, mice, birds, geckos, toads, skinks, and other snakes.

Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia Venom l Black Desert Cobra venom l Desert black snake venom

It’s very venomous. The subcutaneous LD50 for this venom snake is 0.4 mg / kg.

Let’s compare, the subcutaneous LD50 for the Indian snake cobra’s “Naja naja” is 0.80 mg / kg

While the subcutaneous LD50 for the Cape snake cobra’s “Naja Nivea” is 0.72 mg / kg.

This makes the desert black snake is more venomous’ snake than both two previous cobras.

such as Elapidae’s snakes, this Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia Venom is originally neurotoxic, its envenomation effects being from the systemic circulation of the snake venom instead of local effect on a tissue that near the injection site.

Abstract of the Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia Venom Proteins’ effects on the activity of the TCA cycle and the state of Mitochondrial NAD+-Redox in the Human Fibroblasts’ Cultured

There is a study for the effects of a Fibroblast culture of Walterinnesia Aegyptia venom and its protein fractions of F1–F7 on the activities of TCA cycle enzyme and state of mitochondrial NAD-redox, The study reported that they incubated Confluent cells with 10 μg of Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia venom proteins for four hours at 37°C.

The studied activities of TCA enzymes and also the non – TCA mitochondrial  NADP +-  dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase has undergone large lowering of identical size “50:60% of control’s activity”, upon cells’ incubation with the crude venom of Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia, and fractions of F4, F5, F7 and 60:70% for F3 and F6 fractions.

Also, the crude venom and the fractions F3: F7 venom proteins lead to a mitochondrial’ drop of the NAD+ and also the NADP+ standards equivalent to almost 25 % of control values.

While the crude venom, the F4, F5 fractions, and the F7 venom proteins that caused identical size drops in the NADH and the NADPH “almost 55% of control levels”, the fractions of the F3 and the F6 caused drastic falling “60–70% of control levels” of both coenzymes reduced.

The final results displayed that the Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia venom proteins’ effects could be pathed at the level of the mitochondrial “and/or” the rates of NADP+ and NAD+ biosynthesis.

More info about Effect of Walterinnesia aegyptia Venom

Medicinal used by Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia venom l Black Desert Cobra venom l Desert black snake venom

The drug- resistant cancer treatment is a new clinically challenging, and therefore checking for innovation anticancer drugs is critically significant.

We lately showed a significant improvement of the activity of the antitumor of Walterinnesia Aegyptia venom “WEV” in the laboratory in prostate cancer, breast cancer, and various cells lines of myeloma but not in the normal cells when the Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia venom was joined with the silica nanoparticles “WEV+NP”

The Walterinnesia Aegyptia Venom l Black Desert Cobra venom content for Research purposes contain:

Two neurotoxic, three-finger of toxins and, three short-chain of neurotoxic  three-finger toxins

Two of acidic  phospholipases

Four of Kunitz protease inhibitors type.

Nicotinic  acetylcholine receptors antagonists “various sub-types of nAChRs”.

Cytotoxins / Cardiotoxins.

L-type  calcium channels inhibitors.

Acetylcholinesterase “ACHE”

Phospholipase  A2 “PLA2”

L-amino  acid oxidase



Proteolytic  enzymes.

For more info about LD50 value of the Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia venom

Egyptian Walterinnesia Aegyptia Venom supplier l Egyptian Black Desert Venom supplier Commercial details

Origin: Egypt.

Purity: 99:100%

Form: Lyophilized powder

Packaging: In vacuum-sealed glass vials, in a secured parcel.

MOQ: 2 grams

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